ANEKDOTE is a lifestyle brand that celebrates artisanal and eco-conscious design. We carefully curate unique, handcrafted pieces from India and South East Asia that blend elements of nature, sustainability, and exquisite craftsmanship. Our products are more than just objects—they are expressions of love for our homes, artisanal design and the world we inhabit. Between the materials used, time invested, creative aspect and attention to detail, the end result is a better product that you can be proud to own, use, and gift. And in doing so, our goal is to celebrate the artisan community and support their craft and legacy to continue for generations to come.

The brand is built on the premise that 'home' is not just a place - it's a feeling which connects us all. When you bring our decor into your home, you are not merely acquiring an item; you are inviting a story to unfold. Together, we can create a space that reflects who you are.


Rakhee is the founder and creative force behind ANEKDOTE. She has worked in the corporate world as a marketing executive for two decades across Europe, North America, and Asia. While she dabbled in a couple of other startups, landing on the ANEKDOTE 'idea' was what truly felt like a calling. 
Rakhee believes that our homes are galleries that showcase the chapters of our lives. Every piece of furniture, homeware, or decor we choose becomes a part of our story. This brand represents her passion for homeware and eco-conscious living. 
Having lived and worked in four countries, Rakhee appreciates the artisanal beauty of handmade products and believes art, design and the human stories behind it unites us all. 


We collaborate with like-minded and ethical partners who are aligned with our core values of producing and supplying handcrafted and eco-conscious products while providing a sustainable livelihood for artisans and their families.

The products represent different forms of artistry such as hand painting, weaving, handloom crafts, marble inlay, hand embroidery, hand carving, crochet and many more from India and South East Asia. We curate and customize our pieces so they respect and preserve traditional artistry, while working for a modern, contemporary lifestyle.